Fixing Internet Explorer 7 Z-Index Problems JQuery Drop Down and Slider

JQuery is delightful. It can practically fix anything.

There has been a huge problem with IE7 properly acknowledging the Z-Index CSS property, especially when it comes to JQuery drop-down menus and JQuery sliders. Often, the drop down menu would be forced behind the slider, and thus render it useless.

I found a nice JQuery hack written by a developer named Vance Lucas. He deserves all the credit for this, I would just like to help share it.

$(function() {
var zIndexNumber = 1000;
$('div').each(function() {
$(this).css('zIndex', zIndexNumber);
zIndexNumber -= 10;

Basically, you need to include that function in any of your JQuery .js folders. It’s basically creating a hierarchy of div tags, starting with the very first one at “z-index:1000;”, and then decreasing it decrementally by 10.

IE7 acknowledges this, and it works pretty damn good.

To see the post made by Vance Lucas, you can visit that here.

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