Web development, UX, & digital marketing.

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Modern Languages

The most valuable asset any developer can have is their ability to adapt. Web development requires a great deal of learning, built on the foundation of intuitive design and best practices.


Dynamic Skillset

I've gathered first-hand experience in almost every aspect of web development and digital marketing. From administering servers, to UX, to implementing $150k AdWord campaigns, I've done my diligence.


Innovative Approach

I'm meticulous. Having versatile roles continues to benefit every project I take on, and I embrace the challenge of learning more. The value comes in knowing how to apply these skills.

HTML • CSS • Javascript • PHP • MySQL • Liquid • HubL • GSAP
Wordpress • Hubspot • Shopify • Office Suite • Google Apps • Adobe Suite
SEO • UX • Responsive Design • Email & Social Campaign • Digital Marketing

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