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Workaholics is a Gift from God

June 7, 2011

Too often does Comedy Central spout out tv shows with little or no depth, giving their shelf time on television a brief <1 season run of airing. They are the kings of one-season shows (as Tosh.0 often makes fun of,) but here's a show that I hope has the staying power. TV Shows on Comedy Central live one of two lives : A short run (from poor ratings due to it's horrifically low comedy value, or dumb viewers) OR it carries a deep run of seasons only to be sabotaged by the network itself anyway (see Chappelle, Dave.) Either way, get to watching it. The show is gold.

Workaholics Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c
The Alliance

People of Earth….

June 4, 2011

A speech by Charlie Chaplin (famous silent actor and comedian from the early 20th century) mixed with the Inception soundtrack. It makes you feel good.

Royalty Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use

May 22, 2011

Seems like a daunting task doesn’t it? There are tons of ways to obtain royalty free stock photos. The tough part is implementing these LEGALLY for commercial use.

Whether it be for web design templates, t-shirts, or print jobs, developers are constantly seeking ways to sell their products and enhance them without violating property rights of others. As a web designer, I know that I can’t sell a template or theme without enhancing it’s presentation. The best way to do that is with great images that look professional and modern.

Problem is, we’re cheap. Or broke. When I was designing my first web template, I could barely afford a single photo. Most regular licenses from places like or charge about $4-5 a photo.

That’s fine for most cases, but commercial use the licenses can run from $45-$150 a photo. THAT does not work for most people. Not the independent developers anyway.

In comes It’s a huge archive full of stock photos and they are all available for commercial use. Free Range allows registered users to download the images and use them commercially under a few agreements. Most importantly :

You may use the materials from our website in a Website template with the following restriction: You must credit and link to the site on any page that shows the image(s) used. “Photos courtesy of and copyright (photographer name), Free Range Stock,” or similar statement.

You can read the full license agreement here.

It also allows amateur photographers the ability to display their images on a huge forum.

Best part is it prompts people to comment and interact during the download process. It’s pretty gosh darn awesome.

Remember to read the WHOLE license agreement before using them!

Lonely Island does Jack Sparrow with Michael Bolton

May 13, 2011

If it wasn’t 2011, I’d almost say it was genius. Problem is, it is 2011. You’ll understand what I’m saying once you view the video.

Now, all I’m saying is it seems like MANY 45+ year old celebrities are attempting to reinvent themselves by tagging onto a cool, hip, group and then doing something ‘unpredictable.’

Yea, it’s kinda crazy that Michael Bolton is singing about Jack Sparrow, but it ain’t that funny. It’s alright, but I could see it from a mile away. I dunno, maybe I’m just desensitized to these comedic attempts to salvage former celebrities, but pay attention. They do it more often than you’d think. It’s like the 21st century way for Hollywood execs to try and make an older celebrity cool again.

I guess I should just enjoy it for what it is. Meh, I’m never satisfied…