Colicchio Consulting

September 14, 2016

Colicchio Consulting is a pioneer in the structuring of specialty consulting, partnerships, and joint venture agreements between property owners and renowned chefs.

Working with designer Paul Peddrick, I developed a custom WordPress theme based off of his creative direction.

GGA Construction

September 14, 2016

GGA is an innovative provider of construction and development services, recognized for outstanding performance, unparalleled integrity, and a team of talented professionals who are passionate about building.  They are located in Delaware.

Working with the design team at Squatch Creative, we implemented a custom WordPress site customized to their needs.  AJAX was used all of the page transitions creating a seamless user-experience.



July 22, 2014

Youthlinc is a non-profit organization based in Utah that focuses on local and international expeditions for bettering today’s youth through education and service. The organization needed a website that their staff could maintain and update without any knowledge of code. WordPress was chosen as a content-management system, and I customized the back end to cater specifically to the needs of their staff. It now hosts a full library of PDFs, blog posts, and testimonials that are all manageable through WordPress, along with all of the interior pages.

Pete Ashdown for United States Senate

July 22, 2014

Pete Ashdown was running for the 2012 Democratic Senatorial Candidate for the state of Utah. He also is the founder and CEO of Utah’s first independent internet service provider,Xmission. Pete was in need of a website that promoted his political candidacy and incorporated all of the major social media networks during the campaign trail. Blogging, Facebook pages, AdWords campaigns, Youtube videos, Flickr photos, and Twitter streams are all essential marketing tools that tie directly into the website. His Flickr and Twitter streams are updated directly to pages on the site. Youtube videos are embedded into blog posts and pages. The entire site is built in WordPress, which helps SEO priority and the ease of content maintenance. It was probably one of the most enjoyable websites I’ve had the privilege to build.