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Inspiration From Will Smith

May 11, 2011

Crazy right? I probably feel the same way about Will Smith as most Americans do… to a degree.

A squeaky clean image as a rapper never bodes well for anyone. Follow that with some terribly corny movies sprinkled in with huge summer blockbusters, and you may start to develop a small disliking. Send your kids to do your dirty work as childhood actors, you may develop a hate-base.

I don’t mind the guy. I think he means well, and for the rich and famous, that’s practically all you can ask for these days. He would be a great role model, and since he’s black, that automatically means he’s a traitor to his race (which I think is retarded, but it’s what happens.) Real talk.

Well, he’s got some real talk for you. Hopefully you listen to his right before your day starts…