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Skein Media – Video Updates and Blog Integration

August 27, 2011

A friend of mine, Evan Lober, founded Skein Media, LLC. Skein Media is a video production company that specializes in video marketing and branding.

I helped him get established on his own hosting through 1and1. I always suggest this for any person planning on getting a website for one simple reason : You own it. When you plan on getting a developer to design a website for you, make sure the hosting and domain name are purchased in your name.

Sometimes a development company will use their own hosting and even purchase the domain name. It saves a few extra steps for the client, but if there is ever a falling out or legal issue, the client becomes dependent on the mercy of the company. Owning the hosting and domain name ensure there will never be any problems. It’s often ridiculously cheaper, too.

After we migrated his site, I created a sitemap for his blog and submitted it to major search engines. The best testament to how well that works would be one of his most recent posts, “Delaware Earthquake.” If you type in those exact words, his website is the second result on Google. He received over 1200 hits in 1 day because of that post. It even shows up above some Federal and State websites…. lol.

I also did something unique. While you navigate his site, you may notice that the birds randomly change on each page. I have a PHP random generate calling to 7 different images, and it varies from page to page. Kinda neat.

Either way, he’s a great guy and he does great work. You can check out some of his work here.