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Lonely Island does Jack Sparrow with Michael Bolton

May 13, 2011

If it wasn’t 2011, I’d almost say it was genius. Problem is, it is 2011. You’ll understand what I’m saying once you view the video.

Now, all I’m saying is it seems like MANY 45+ year old celebrities are attempting to reinvent themselves by tagging onto a cool, hip, group and then doing something ‘unpredictable.’

Yea, it’s kinda crazy that Michael Bolton is singing about Jack Sparrow, but it ain’t that funny. It’s alright, but I could see it from a mile away. I dunno, maybe I’m just desensitized to these comedic attempts to salvage former celebrities, but pay attention. They do it more often than you’d think. It’s like the 21st century way for Hollywood execs to try and make an older celebrity cool again.

I guess I should just enjoy it for what it is. Meh, I’m never satisfied…