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Jacob Barnett 12 Year Old Genius?

March 30, 2011

Surfing around the internet this afternoon, I came across this young gentleman, Jacob Barnett. Boasting himself to be a self taught genius, he has been attempting to pick apart Albert Einstein’s theories on quantum physics. It has drawn so much attention they featured him on Yahoo! this afternoon, and apparently his questions have some credibility.

To be fair, so do the people who ALREADY picked apart Einstein’s theories, but that shouldn’t diminish the remarkable intelligence this child is displaying. For being only 12, he has an IQ of 170 and from what I’ve read is currently attending the University of Indiana. Good for him.

I’m surprised Yahoo! actually managed to fit this in between Lady Gaga news and stories about where to buy a home.

My prediction : Jacob continues to develop his mental abilities into his late teens, stunning the world by revolutionizing some of the most controversial theories in the field of science. He will most likely be awarded with some of the most honorable academic achievements one can be bestowed with. After a long tenure of being unsatisfied, Jacob spends a majority of his twenties in seclusion, haunted by the stupidity of society. His fame becomes a burden. He turns to drugs and other temptations. Jacob is disturbed by overwhelming depression causing him to remove himself from the public eye, spending several years displaying erratic behavior that confuses his friends and family alike. Eventually, Jacob comes to terms with his superior intellect. He is forced to realize that although his ability makes him superior in every sense, it also forces him to become mediocre member of society, scorned with the burden of having to watch people make poor decisions including those who are the most important to him. Finally coming to grips with this, Jacob spends the later years of his life rebuilding his fame and fortune writing novels that still intrigue the public and become national bestsellers. At the end of his life, Jacob is honored for a lifetime achievement award, and several parks are built him his name.

Should be a good one.